Shi-Lun Guo is a professor in China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) in Beijing. He joined in his Institute in 1961. He started to study Solid State Nuclear track Detectors (SSNTD) in 1965. He established the first laboratory in China on Fission Track Dating (FTD). He got the first radioactive age of Peking Man at Zhoukoudian in China by fission track method. This age was waited for 50 years by archaeologists. He got the first age of ancient man in Baise, China by fission track dating. This datum breached the theory on human evolution proposed 50 year ago. He started to study nuclear track membranes (NTM) in 1984. He helped to establish the first firm in China to produce filtration devices with nuclear track membranes for medical uses. This firm is the biggest firm in China for applications of nuclear track membrane.
Shi-Lun Guo worked in University of California at Berkeley, USA in 1982 to 1984, and worked in University of Marburg, West Germany in 1984, 1985, 1988 and 1990. He visited Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan many times to carry out bilateral collaboration.
Shi-Lun Guo is the winner of two awards from China National Science Congress and 4 awards from the Ministry of China National Nuclear Industry, from the Chinese Science Committee of National Defence, and from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army
Shi-Lun Guo was the President of the International Nuclear Track Society and an Honorary member of the International Nuclear Track Society. He served as an Editorial Board member of the International journal Radiation Measurements from 1981 to 2018, and served in the Editorial Board of the Japanese journal: Journal of Radiation Research. He also was the Editorial Board Members in two Chinese journals.